Obama’s right-hand woman–a senator?

Rumor has it election 2008 may be bringing another woman into the prominent political fold.  Barack Obama’s long-time friend and advisor, as well as one of the three co-chairs of his transitional committee, is reportedly on the list to fill his Illinois senate seat.

According to a report from ABC 7 Chicago, the ultimate decision rests with Governor Rod Blagojevich.  “But,” the article says, “Obama friend and confident (sic) Valerie Jarrett is the president-elect’s preference.”

Yet other articles claim Obama is planning to offer Jarrett a spot on his cabinet, possibly, according to an article from the Telegraph, in charge of housing or transport, or even as a senior adviser.  

According to the piece in the Telegraph, Jarrett, an Iranian-born lawyer, has no Washington experience, but has been “a friend and mentor to Mr. Obama for 17 years, and has been referred to as ‘the other side of Obama’s brain.'”

And the Chicago Tribune puts Jarrett on the possible short list, along with other picks like Jesse Jackson and Attorney General Lisa Madigan, another woman to keep an eye on.

However the Senate decision goes, I do hope Obama chooses a diverse cabinet.


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