Women voters helped to elect Obama

Last Tuesday, Barack Obama gained more than 65 million votes from Americans.  And a lot of them were women.

According to a CNN exit poll across the country, the election would have been a lot closer without female voters.  49 percent of men voted for Obama, 48 percent for McCain and 3 percent for another candidate or no answer.  The gap widens significantly for women.  56 percent of women voted for Obama, 43 percent for McCain and 1 percent for another candidate or no answer.  Plus, according to the same poll, women made of 53 percent of voters on Tuesday.

Women voters are often the “key” to a Democratic win, according to an article last week from the Associated Press.

But the woman on the ticket also seemed to influence voters.  Four in 10 voters said Sarah Palin was an important factor in the decision, with this group preferring Obama, according to the AP article.  But nine in 10 voters who chose McCain called his decision “important.”

It looks like John McCain’s choice to put a woman on his ticket wasn’t enough to sway female voters.  I think this is great news for the United States, especially the women.  We aren’t swayed by the package of male or female, but instead by what the candidate actually stands for, including issues about women’s rights.


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