Women shattering political glass ceiling?

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton may have lost out at the polls, but recent articles analyzing the election are pointing to the gains that women made during the election.

A CNN article last week quoted Washington editor-at large for Huffingtonpost.com, Hilary Rosen, a Hillary supporter. “‘Women are about 54 percent of the vote,’ Rosen said. ‘Do we have equal representation? No. Are we closer to it? Yes,'” the article says.

The House of Representatives will see 10 new women joining their ranks, for a total of 64 women out of a total of 435 seats.  The U.S. Senate gained one female member, Jeanne Shaheen, Dem. New Hampshire. The CNN article also pointed to the women who have already been appointed and are expected to be selected for White House postings.

But not everyone agrees.  According to an article from the Christian Science Monitor yesterday, Marie Wilson, the president of the White House Project, which advocates for women in leadership, “‘At this rate it will take us till 2063 to reach parity.'”

Te article pointed to “bright spots,” like New Hampshire, where women hold the majority of the Senate seats.

I agree with both sides.  The strides made for women during the election were extraordinary, normalizing the idea that a woman can make it the whole way to the top of the ticket. But I understand that we still have a long way to go.  Here’s to the women that will make headlines and changes in 2012.


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